Minte - medical interfaces
  • B2B software for insurance
  • Personal claims automation
  • Medical model and NLP

WHY do we do what we do?

Senior experience
is precious and shall be
widely delivered.

We box know-how into
AI solutions and augment
insurance medicine.

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HOW are we better?

  • We base on a team of medical insurance senior experts, with vast experience in claims processing, process optimization, and reference models development
  • We learn and challenge experts know-how to augment it with AI, and embed it into the final product
  • We go beyond the box – individual customer experience excellence is our target as much as process optimization
  • We structure medical documentation data and make it available for other business solutions technology is a medical model and dedicated NLP is software for benefit of insurance companies

WHAT do we deliver?

  • A product that solves automation of subject matter assessment of a personal claim, basing as much as possible on medical documentation
  • Process optimization and repeatability
  • Customer experience excellence – we target 2 out of 5 top CX qualities: speed and transparency of claim settlement
  • We produce quality medical and insurance process documentation
  • All results are mapped to insurer’s policy
  • We gather structured data that was not previously available

Instant claim


OPEX saving

OPEX saving

*including medical doctors engagement optimization




Medical data

Medical data



We have saved financing for product development.

The project is co-financed
by INNOventure VC and NCBR.

The aim of the project financed by the fund is to develop:

  • - a medical model for universal calculation of body trauma extend and medical event assessment, mapped to insurer's policy
  • - extraction of structured medical data from scans of medical documentation

The project deliverable is working MVP for claims assessment automation.

The project value is 1,050,000 PLN, where the European Fund share is 840,000 PLN.

Additional information about the parties can be found here:

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WHO are we?

We are professionals and ex-executives with 20+ years experience, each.
We did enough in corporates. We are excited about getting on our own, glueing together AI, medicine, and know-how.